The Board

Johan Benad Ugland is the Chair of the Board. (For further information, see Johan Benad Ugland)

Carina C. O. Ugland, b. 1983, was awarded a PhD in psychology from the University of Sussex (UK) in 2011.  She was recently hired as the General Manager of J.B. Ugland Fornybar Energi

Tom B. Knudsen, b. 1951, has more than 30 years’ experience as a lawyer. From January 1980 and to the end of 1997, Tom worked for the law firm Wikborg Rein, including as Partner, Managing Partner and Chair of the Board. Wikborg Rein is Norway’s largest law firm, and also has offices in London, Singapore, Shanghai and Kobe. Since January 2008, Tom has run the Tom Bernhard Knudsen law firm. Tom’s experience encompasses a broad range of fields, including contract law; mergers and acquisitions; finance (national and international); transactions and investments for vessels, drilling platforms and other offshore units; and corporate law. Tom also has experience as a board member in a number of companies within diverse sectors, including listed companies.

Torstein Moland, b.1945, has had an illustrious career in the public and private sectors. Moland began his career in the Ministry of Finance. He then worked as an economic adviser and as the Head of Secretariat for the Norwegian Labour Party’s Parliamentary Group. In 1986, he became a State Secretary in the Prime Minister’s office. In 1990, Moland started to work in the private sector, where he served as Executive Director for Norske Skog, as the Governor of Norges Bank, and as Executive Director of Finance in the merged Telenor/Telia.
Torstein has also held a number of positions on boards and committees. He is currently the Head of The Norwegian Association of Hunters and Anglers and Chair of the Board in the Nordic Hunters’ Cooperation.

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