Ugland Car Carriers was established in 2013 as the owning company for J.B. Ugland to re-renter the car carrier sector.

Ugland Car Carriers is actively seeking investment opportunities within this sector and the focus is on acting as a tonnage supplier to the existing Operators.

Johan Benad Ugland has a long tradition within the car carrier sector dating back to the start of the industry. Below is a summary of our history and experience in the sector:

• In co-operation with Leif Hoegh, Johan Benad Ugland’s father Andreas K L Ugland ("AKLU") established Hoegh-Ugland Autoliners ("HUAL") as a deep sea car carrier operator in the early 1970s, having designed and built his first car carrier in 1963. Johan Benad Ugland was a shareholder of HUAL for many years until the sale of Ugland’s 50% interests in the commercial operations and 27 deep sea vessels to Leif Hoegh in 2000.

• AKLU also established a short sea car carrier operation in the 1970s, known as Ugland-Aall Car Carriers ("UACC"). Johan Benad Ugland was also a shareholder of this company until the sale of its 19 short sea vessels and commercial operation to NYK in 1990. It subsequently became UECC.

• Through Johan Benad Ugland’s part ownership of Ugland Brothers Limited, he was responsible for the technical management of the UACC fleet before and for a while after the transfer of the vessels to NYK.

Richard Coulling is the Managing Director responsible for the shipping division for the Group rc@jbu.no.

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