Nape Kraft in Fyresdal

Current activities

J.B. Ugland Fornybar Energi itself is in an early phase of development. We are in the process of building up a company that specialises in the development of small-scale hydro power in Norway.This is to become a core business area of the J. B. Ugland Group.

We have the full backing of J. B. Ugland Holding AS and our aim is to build up a production portfolio of 50-100 GWh over the next 10 years.

We are actively looking for small-scale hydropower projects within the Agder and Telemark regions and are not fixed by one structure or by size (we are also interested in collaborations in building viable mini-hydro projects).
Our aspiration is to work together with landowners and other stakeholders/professionals in this industry to develop projects that are profitable for all partners.

As a small company we can be extremely flexible in our operations and thus it is easy to collaborate with us.
We have a long history of working together with other families, for example in the shipping industry, where we employ a model of joint interest in the success of the final product with our partners. We see collaboration as key to success and that this applies as much in the hydropower industry, here in Norway, as it does in international shipping: ‘big things can happen when many share a common vision’.

In addition our small size enables us to move fast and be proactive in all stages of development and construction of new hydropower projects. We have a highly competent financial team within J. B. Ugland Holding AS and construction company, J. B. Ugland Entreprenør AS, who are responsible for all construction operations within the J. B. Ugland Group. To date all of J.B.Ugland Entreprenør’s projects are on time and on budget, including our first hydropower facility, Nape Kraft, in Fyresdal.

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