Lux Nordic

Lux Nordic Wealth Management S.A. (”Lux Nordic”) was established in October 2007 in Luxembourg by J.B. Ugland Holding AS and the partners of Lux Nordic Wealth Management S.A.

The company offers financial services and advice for customers looking for high class personal service. In order to provide comprehensive private banking services, Lux Nordic cooperate with several renowned custodian banks. As a client of Lux Nordic, your assets are deposited with their custodian banks and covered by the Luxembourg deposit guarantee scheme. The focus is long term management and the services are customised to grow and preserve wealth based on spesific financial needs and goals.

Lux Nordic also manage their own mixed fund that has consistently been in the first percentile for performance when measured against funds operating in the same space.

Lux Nordic is regulated under the supervision of Luxembourg’s regulatory authority for the financial sector (Commission de Surveillance du Sectur Financier -CSSF). They hold a license as Asset Manager to the fullest extent permitted by article 24-3 of the Law of 5. April 1993 on the Financial Sector.

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