Kanalbyen – 700 waterfront residential units at Odderoey Island

Kanalbyen Kristiansand

The silo dock at Odderoey Island in Kristiansand will, in the course of the next few years, be transformed from an industrial dockland into an urban and progressive section of town. A unique project with close proximity to both sea, nature, culture and shopping. 

Kanalbyen will comprise approximately 700 residences bordering the sea, green spaces and the Kvadraturen section of the town. 

J.B.Ugland Property Development inc. together with Kristiansand Port is proud to take part in the layout of such a central part of Kristiansand in the future. 

Unique residential area

The proposed development plan shows an urban and modern section of town with a variety of residences and meeting places for the residents and the visitors. The structure of the urbanization is aiming at a many-faceted display of architectural expression, a multitude of connecting lines and cozy nooks and crannies.

The area is named after the canal running through, and it contributes to the identity as well as the establishment of a sheltered and characteristic waterway zone. The canal makes for one more water surface and adds to a unique contact with the sea.

The suggested plan shows buildings ranging from 4 to 8 stories, and The Three Sisters – a punctually developed area 13-14 stories high at the very tip of the site. These elements are built into an already accepted plan for the area. The building structure submits to the geographical profile of the Odderoey island and allows for already existing viewlines and principle traffic veins to be both respected and developed. The opera house Kilden and the new cultural hub in the north will constitute an attractive access as the entrance to the new Kanalbyen.

Modern city development

The importance of achieving a ‘vibrant city life’ is significantly emphasized in the plan proposal. Kanalbyen will team with already existing offerings in and around Kvaderaturen and Odderøya in order to become a strengthening force for all of Kristiansand.

I addition to a multitude of offers at the opera house Kilden and The Fishermen’s Wharf (Fiskebrygga), we will facilitate the establishment of a number of local dining opportunities within the location. The development plan also includes an exciting swimming facility, with good connections to the hiking paths of Odderøya. The huge recreational area called Peisestua (the Inglenook) will be kept in its entirety as a green space, with careful adjustments towards park- and playground use.

With the recreational areas at Odderøya, Kilden, Fiskebrygga, Gravane and Kvadraturen as next-door neighbours, the residents of Kanalbyen will have immediate access to a wide spectre of urban entertainment, unspoiled nature, attractions, and services. This makes it possible to live close to nature, as well as the town centre, in a completely new way in Kristiansand.

About the planning process

Since the decision to move the cruise liner dock and to close the Shell tanks industrial site, an agreement was made to further develop the Silokaia (the silo dock) area. The planning process has been characterized by a strong focus on the development of a modern part of town with a high quality of living, a variety of building shapes and forms and a good adjustment to the needs of the general public.

The planning started in February 2014 and the development plan was approved September 16th 2015.

JBU Kanalbyen from J.B. Ugland on Vimeo.</

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