Campus Grimstad Housing Area

J.B.Ugland Eiendomsutvikling AS, through its subsidiary Grøm Eiendom AS, has started the developing process of a new and modern housing area located in the centre of the Campus Grimstad area.

Our motivation is to develop a housing area based on quality and function with a modern touch. This area will be a positive supplement to Campus Grimstad and enjoy its south-facing and sunny location with a future park area as the nearest neighbour.

The area will comprise a diverse composition of residences with great outdoor spaces. In addition to the two private playgrounds for the residents, a larger playground located next to Elisabethstuen Kindergarten suitable for winter activities, the area also offers a central sheltered playground with windscreen. With emphasis on the close proximity to both kindergartens and schools connected by a functional infrastructure, the residents in this area will enjoy good public transports services and great recreational areas.

To ensure an optimal concept for this area, JBU collaborated with architects from Rambøll and creative forces in the form of students of engineering design at the University of Agder, Campus Grimstad. Both parties have contributed with excellent input and solutions that form the basis of the project.

J.B.Ugland has several building plots in the Campus area, and continuously consider the need to carry out the projects on their own, in collaboration with others, or to sell these plots to external stakeholders.

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