Campus Grimstad Healthcare Innovation

The planning of I4Helse (Campus Grimstad Healthcare Innovation) started during 2015. The project work has commenced with an expected construction start date of March 15th 2018. The new building of 3 700 m2 will be completed by August 2019. In addition to this development, UiA is planning a further expansion of 900 m2, as well as a new car park with a capacity of 320 cars.

I4Helse represents a national arena of innovation within healthcare, and an efficient development of welfare – and healthcare solutions combining technology, healthcare, service design and usability. Health solutions developed and certified at I4Helse, will be solutions both patients and health personnel can trust.

The goal is to create an environment where public and private sector, scientists and patients can come together to create new, innovative and forward-looking solutions with the ability to position itself both nationally and internationally.

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