Architect competition, Silokaia

Nicolai Tangen has offered Kristiansand town an art collection comprising of 1100 Norwegian artworks, built up over 20 years. These 1100 art works make up what art connoisseurs claim is the most important collection of Norwegian art from the period 1930-1970.

Such a collection requires, and deserves, a standalone building.

Kanalbyen Eiendom, Sølandet Kunstmuseum and Kristiansand commune stand together in organising an architect competition.

Kanalbyen Eiendom (Kanalbyen Real-estate) is owned by JBU Kanalbyen AS og Kristiansand havn (50/50). Bjørn Vedal and Eivind Buckner from J.B Ugland Eiendom are members in the respective steering committee and jury for the competition.

The purpose of the competition is to develop a strategic plan for the area that forms an attractive connection between Kvadraturen and Kanalbyen. The art museum shall be created in high architectural quality and international significance.

See invitation and Competition material here.

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