Agder Næringspark (Kjerlingland)

J.B. Ugland Eiendomsutvikling AS has joined Lillesand Næringsarealer AS (LINA) to develop Agder Næringspark in Lillesand. To date approximately 10 hectares has been levelled and prepared with technical infrastructure, in addition to the establishment of two petrol stations.  (Review, edition 3.2015, Agdernæring)

Agder Næringspark is the largest contiguous commercial development area in the region after Sørlandsparken, strategically located in the middle of the Agder-region.

Together with LINA, JBU is working to develop Agder Næringspark to become a significant hub for warehouses, logistics and office location, as well as public purpose buildings, located in the center of the Agder-region – and close to the European highway E-18.

The location is very convenient – with a 6 minutes’ drive to Sørlandsparken, 14 minutes to Kristiansand, 15 minutes to Grimstad and 3o minutes to Arendal.

The area is approximately 110 hectares (regulated and with established infrastructure) and the area has flexible zoning regulations for the following purposes:

  • Office / Industry / Warehouse
  • Petrol Station / Service / Office / Hotel
  • Public purpose

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