JBU and the local community

In J.B. Ugland we are concerned about the society we are part of. We want to be involved in questions and issues that contribute to the growth and well-being of our community.

We therefore support events and activities we believe may make a small difference to a large number of people. These include physical activities and fun events, the fostering of local pride and life-saving volunteer work.

The Red Cross is one of the cornerstones of voluntary work in Norway, and its Grimstad branch is particularly active and highly skilled. The organisation runs a rescue service, visiting service and child and youth activities. The Red Cross also collects money to support its local, national and international activities. In J.B. Ugland, we are happy to be able to contribute funds that enable the volunteers in Grimstad Red Cross to run their activities well.

J. M. Ugland & Co is proud sponsor of Young Ship, Dept. Sorlandet. This is an organization for young professionals (under 35) working within the maritime industry in southern Norway. The organization desires to provide a competence – and network enhancing area for its members.

«Jerv» Football Club is the pride of Grimstad, for J.B. Ugland Eiendom, it is exciting to be «on the team» as a collaborating partner when the club is promoted. We are grateful for a past season full of joy and exciting moments, and look forward to next season and further on-field successes.

J.B. Ugland Eiendom is a proud general sponsor and active collaborator with ØIF’s elite division handball team. ØIF has become the region’s best men’s handball team, and plays in the highest division in Norway. As a supporter, we can contribute to the club reaching its goals, which in turn leads to pride and enthusiasm in the region.

Other events and organisations that J.B. Ugland supports:
Livsglede for eldre
Støtteforeningen for Kreftrammede
Foreningen for kreft – og hjertesyke barn
Norwegian People’s Aid
Imås banekomite
ØIF Arendal Håndball Elite
Stiftelsen Norsk Luftambulanse
Landsforbundet mot stoffmisbruk
Fjære Sogn
UGA – Studentuga
GSI  – Grimstad studentidrettslag
Lions Arendal
Grimstad Skifestival
Kilden Teater- og Konserthus

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