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A further shipping investment for J.M. Ugland & Co

We are proud to announce that on the 11th September 2018, J.M Ugland & Co acquired the vessel Autostar. The vessel was built at the Tsuneishi shipyard in Japan during 2000 and has capacity for around 2000 vehicles. The vessel is on a bareboat contract and operates in Europe.

Campus Grimstad Healthcare Innovation

The planning of I4Helse (Campus Grimstad Healthcare Innovation) started during 2015. The project work has commenced with an expected construction start date of March 15th 2018. The new building of 3 700 m2 will be completed by August 2019. In addition to this development, UiA is planning a further expansion of 900 m2, as well as a new car park with a capacity of 320 cars.

Campus Grimstad Housing Area

J.B.Ugland Eiendomsutvikling AS, through its subsidiary Grøm Eiendom AS, has started the developing process of a new and modern housing area located in the centre of the Campus Grimstad area.

JBU Academy

JBU is proud to announce its role as main sponsor of FK Jerv’s academy and development initiative-, JBU Academy.

Another shipping investment by J.M. Ugland & Co

We are proud to announce that on the 21st March 2017 J.M Ugland & Co acquired the vessel Autopremier. The vessel is a sister ship to the Autopride that was purchased last year.

She was built in 1997 and has capacity for 1220 vehicles. The vessel is on a bareboat contract and operates in Europe.

Grøm Retail Park, Grimstad-Ground works fully underway

With a central position, flanked on either side by the E18 main highway and County road fv 420, we are preparing a plot of ca. 2.2 hectares for retail/commercial development. For more information about the project/plots click here.

The first spade in the ground-Mechatronics Innovation Lab

Wednesday 18. May marked the construction start of the new Mechatronics Innovation Lab (MIL).

Innovation and Investor conference in the Creative Meeting Centre

On Tuesday April 19th an Innovation and Investor conference was held at the Creative Meeting Centre in the Technology Park. J. B. Ugland hosted the conference, arranged on the basis of the Seed Capital Fund that will possibly be established in Southern Norway.

Another shipping investment by J.M. Ugland & Co

We are proud to announce that on the 12th April 2016 J.M Ugland & Co acquired the vessel Autopride. The vessel was built in 1997 and has capacity for 1220 vehicles. The vessel is on a bareboat contract and operates in Europe.

Innovation drive and innovation culture

In thanks for the lifesaving treatment he received in 2015, Andreas K. L. Ugland arranged an innovation seminar for Sørlandets sykehus ( Sørlandets hospital).

Barbu Brygge-Marketer of the year, 2015

Markedsforum East Agder has declared the  developers behind Barbu Brygge as “Marketer of the Year 2015”. The prize is intended as a professional recognition for the marketing work carried out during the preceding year, as well as an inspiration for further work. Read the jury’s justifications in Agderposten. 

Architect competition, Silokaia

Nicolai Tangen has offered Kristiansand town an art collection comprising of 1100 Norwegian artworks, built up over 20 years. These 1100 art works make up what art connoisseurs claim is the most important collection of Norwegian art from the period 1930-1970.

Such a collection requires, and deserves, a standalone building.

New illustrations of Campus Grimstad Arena

As a part of the ongoing regulation process for Campus Grimstad Arena, brand new 3D illustrations has been developed. The illustrations has been forwarded to Grimstad Municipality along with revised plan material, which will be sendt out for consultation.

Great results for property sale in Agder Næringspark, Kjerlingland

Agder Næringspark is presently experiencing significant interest, which has resulted in the signing of several new property sales agreements at Kjerlingland. Servicegrossisten AS represents one of these sales, as featured in Agderposten.

Mechatronics Innovation Lab (MIL)

Yet another milestone has been passed today in connection with the development and realization of MIL. The tenancy agreement between JBU (owner) and UiA (tenant) was signed by Director for Real Estate, Bjørn Vedal, and the University Director, Seunn Smith Tønnesen, in connection with today’s board meeting at UiA.

Unique art project to Kristiansand and Kanalbyen

Nicolai Tangen from Kristiansand, currently living in London, has donated his collection of modern art to his hometown Kristiansand. The collection will be placed in the silo in the Kulturkvartalet of Kanalbyen.

Agder Næringspark (Kjerlingland)

J.B. Ugland Eiendomsutvikling AS has joined Lillesand Næringsarealer AS (LINA) to develop Agder Næringspark in Lillesand. To date approximately 10 hectares has been levelled and prepared with technical infrastructure, in addition to the establishment of two petrol stations.  (Review, edition 3.2015, Agdernæring)

J.B. Ugland engages at Helsfyr in Oslo

Together with partners Vedal Investor (20 %) and Otterlei Group (20 %), J.B.Ugland Eiendom has aquired Fyrstikkalleen 1 and 3 in Helsfyr, Oslo.

Further investment by Ugland Car Carriers

We are proud to announce that, on the 30th June 2015, Ugland Car Carriers acquired two vessels, the Main Highway and Neckar Highway.

Kanalbyen Kristiansand

The silo dock at Odderoey Island in Kristiansand will, in the course of the next few years, be transformed from an industrial dockland into an urban and progressive section of town. A unique project with close proximity to both sea, nature, culture and shopping. 

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